Sermon: Easter 2017

Sunday, 16 April 2017 03:00
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My wife and I have a vital morning routine. We each have two mugs of coffee and some quiet time. This is first thing, every day.

On my day off, we have extra special coffee mugs. Monday is my day off, and Monday coffee tastes the best. We use two mugs she picked out specially. My coffee mug says, "Mister Right." She believes that, God bless her. Her coffee mug says, "Mrs. ALWAYS Right." She believes that, too.

Now, you married guys are really gonna understand this next part. We sometimes had arguments in the first years of our marriage. All couples have disagreements, of course. Each of us believed we were right. But if she started to cry, it was all over. I love that woman, and I can't take it when she cries. My only thought is, "I surrender!" Her tears end it.

Now, Mary Magdalene loved Jesus very much. She went to his tomb a couple of days after his terrible death. And her tears ended it. Her tears were the last thing before the great reversal. Her tears were the last thing before the laughter of the resurrection.

She and the other women were so brave. They were with Jesus until the end. The guys had run away. The women stayed, even at the cross. That took courage. They were no safer than the men were. Roman soldiers were not noted for their kindness toward the women of conquered territories. It was dangerous for these women.

But these female friends of Jesus had guts. They were there. Why?  Love.

Mary wept at the tomb. And her tears ended it. The next thing that happened was Jesus. He said one word to her:  "Mary." Her heart stopped. Her breath stopped. Her tears stopped.

In one instant, she knew everything, everything had changed. He was really back. He was truly alive.

So death does not get the last word after all. The last word is love. My wife (who is always right) says that love is the greatest power in the universe.

What is this Easter story about?  Love.

Why did God raise Jesus from death?  Love.

Why did Jesus show himself alive to his friends?  Love.

What makes us cry at the death of a relative or friend?  Love.

Why do we weep at the birth of a baby?  Love.

Why do people take in foster children or adopt them?  Love.

Why does someone care year after year for a disabled spouse or child or parent?  Love.

Why do the people of St. Mark's feed the hungry through CHOW or the Canteen?  Love.

Why do the teens and adults of St. Mark's build wheelchair ramps for people who need them?  Love.

Why do people work long days to provide for their families?  Love.

Why do people work and give for the conservation of forests or wildlife?  Love.

Why do couples hang in there with each other after the first romance has been buried under years of dirty laundry, extra pounds, wrinkles, and annoying habits?  Love.

Why do people come to church week after week and year after year to take this bread and cup in memory of the One who died on a cross?  Love. What is the best definition of God in the whole Bible?  Love. What moved the stone from the tomb of Jesus?  Love.

What is stronger than death itself?  Love.

Love is the greatest power in the universe.

I have it on the authority of my wife (who is always right),

and Mary Magdalene,

and Jesus himself.

Love is the greatest power in the universe.

So do what I did when my wife cried. Surrender. Stop the fight. Give in to love.

And walk in love, as Christ loved us, and gave himself for us,

an offering and sacrifice to God. 

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

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